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Flooring Products

When it comes to new flooring, do you know all of your options? Before you decide, take a little time to learn about the strengths and features of each major type of flooring. Compare carpet to your hard surface options, including hardwood, tile, vinyl & laminate. Feel free to browse hundreds and thousands of products in each category, and to contact us whenever you need help or are ready to make a decision.

Carpet Flooring | A & M Flooring And Design


Warmth, comfort and peace are the defining features of a carpeted home.

Insulate and protect your home and your family, and keep peace of mind with mess-resistant carpet that is durable enough to withstand kids, pets and busy lifestyles will still retaining its luxurious beauty.



Hardwood has historically been one of the most sought-after flooring materials due to value of the natural beauty and strength that it lends to a home. Modern hardwood takes that a step further, adding more durability and and diversifying the scope of looks you can achieve with this time-tested material. Explore all that hardwood flooring has to offer.


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Bedroom flooring | A & M Flooring And Design


These aren’t your grandmother’s floors! Laminate has come a long way in the flooring industry, evolving into an affordable option that’s just as beautiful as the natural materials it’s made to mimic. Get realistic wood and tile looks in a material that’s versatile enough to be installed anywhere in the home, and durable enough to stand up to all of life’s surprises.


Luxury Vinyl

You may have walked on luxury vinyl flooring before without even knowing it. Available in hyperrealistic wood, stone and tile looks and textures, vinyl's strength lies in its versatility. Able to be designed in any style and installed in virtually any room in your home, these floors reliably resist water, moisture, scratching, staining and odors.


Flooring | A & M Flooring And Design
Flooring Tile | A & M Flooring And Design

Tile Flooring

Popular in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces, tile has been covering walls and floors for centuries. This beautiful material is still popular today because of the sheer style and luxury it emanates. Whether you're looking to tile your shower, your floor, or a kitchen backsplash, you'll have practically limitless color & design options at your fingertips.


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