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Bathroom Basics

Bathroom Basics

Often the smallest rooms in the home, your bathrooms are practical spaces that are used multiple times a day by every member of your household. A room that gets so much use shouldn’t be shirked when it comes to style!

From selecting sinks and showers to choosing towel racks and tiles, there’s a lot to consider. Before you make the jump to decor, however, there are some key aspects of any bathroom design that you need to consider.

Bathroom layout

When sketching out the layout of your bathroom, consider whether the existing layout is the most efficient use of space. If you want to make any changes, plumbing and wiring are important to keep in mind, as altering these setups can be costly.

Ideally, you’ll have space to dry yourself and move around, an area for storage, and a door that hides the toilet from viewers outside the room.


What items do you use most often in the bathroom, and where can you store them for convenient access? Some common bathroom storage solutions include open shelves and mounted linen cupboards. You can also incorporate free-standing cabinets and shelving for even more storage.

Bathroom flooring & countertops

Another key component of any bathroom are the surfaces. Bathroom sink countertops should be moisture resistant as well as attractive, so marble or granite are great choices. Waterproof vinyl or laminate flooring are gaining popularity, and you can always opt for the traditional tile, which also looks great on shower walls.

The bath itself

You may be able to choose between a large, built-in bath or a freestanding one. The former will create one large surface for easier cleaning, but the latter will make your space feel much more open. Consider the balance you want to strike between efficient use of space and a clean, open aesthetic.


Bathrooms are most often decorated in lighter hues, such as whites, greys and other soft neutrals. Another common trend is the use of calming pastels. However, dark bathrooms are not unheard of, and done properly can create visual drama and a classy personality. Dark patterned tiles are one great way to do this.

Bathroom lighting

Typically, bathrooms require multiple types of lighting. Bright task lights beside mirrors will help you avoid creating overhead shadows, while low-level dimmers are great for ambient nighttime lighting, ideal for relaxing in the tub or even as a nightlight for middle-of-the-night trips. Maximize natural light that comes from windows and skylights to save on energy costs and create a more open feel, ensuring that privacy is protected by installing frosted glass where needed.

Bathroom ventilation & heating

Ventilation is key in a bathroom, where odors and moisture would otherwise get trapped. Having windows to open is one solution, but in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, these aren’t always the most sufficient options. Instead, opt for a fan, which will circulate the air and help you avoid the buildup of mold.


Above all, try to keep it simple! Bathrooms are necessary rooms, not rooms where we spend a lot of time relaxing or entertaining. Strive for a design that is functional and comfortable.

Here you will find our very simple tips and guidelines to follow to make sure you keep your countertops looking and working like new.

You have questions? We have answers about your kitchen and bath design. Take a look at our FAQs to see if we have the answer to yours!

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