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Shopping Tools

Make your floor shopping process easier!


Thinking of updating your home's flooring, but not sure where to begin? Use our Online Design Tools to get your project started!

  • Visit "Consumer Financing" and learn how to create a budget and payment plan to help you get your flooring today!
  • Check out our product gallery to get inspired and see what's out there.
  • Try “Shop at Home” to get free samples delivered directly to your door for in-home comparison shopping!

We will help guide you as you select the right flooring for you!

It's fast & easy to sign up online and get approval for your Synchrony consumer financing plan from A&M. Learn more about how you can set a budget and get new floors in your home today.

With more than 35,000 products from which to choose, making a decision for your space can get overwhelming. Sometimes all you need to fall in love with a new floor is to see it in action! Get inspired in our Product Gallery.

Combine your love of shopping online with the ability to see and feel products up close. When you use our Shop at Home Feature, you'll get free product samples shipped directly to your door! It's comparison shopping from the comfort of your couch.

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