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Why Choose Carpet

Carpeting is one of only two major soft-surface flooring solutions (the other being area rugs). With that, carpeted floors stand out with their broad range of colors and textures. Carpet allows you to express your style through pattern as well, with varying options for carpet thickness and pile creating a range of visual effects. Choose from fine, delicately soft wool fibers and practical synthetic options that can stand up to heavy foot traffic, stains, spills and other common household wear and tear.


Types of Carpet

Every carpet style is different - and not just when it comes to looks. Softness and durability over time are also factors at play when choosing a carpet. We'll break down some of the key differences here.

Textured carpet has a dense, uneven surface that creates patterns for a casual look. This style is adept at hiding footprints and vacuum tracks, which makes it a great choice for rooms that get a lot of traffic and activity.

Saxony carpet, otherwise known as "plush" carpeting, has a soft, even surface for a smooth, inviting finish. While luxurious, be aware that seams, footprints and vacuum marks will show up more easily in saxony.

Frieze carpet consists of long, twisted fibers that each lie in different directions. This makes for a loose, casual visual effect, with a deep, luxurious texture. Frieze carpet is also extremely durable, so it works well in high-traffic areas.

Cable or shag carpet consists of long, thick yarns that are very comfortable underfoot. These carpets are best suited to low-traffic areas, as they'll begin to show wear patterns over time.

Loop pile carpet consists of loops of yarn. These can either sit at a range of heights for a patterned effect, or all at an even height for a soft and smooth feel. Both styles create an informal look and are exceptionally durable.

Cut & Loop carpet consists of both straight cut fibers and looped yarns, creating stylishly sculpted patterns that are both soft and smooth underfoot. As a bonus, these patterns also hide wear marks and loose dirt and soil very well.


Best Rooms for Carpet

Each type of carpet is best suited for different areas of the home, so take your room into consideration before choosing a carpet type. In general, carpet works well in bedrooms, living areas, children's play rooms and home offices.

Cable or shag carpet, soft and comfortable, is perfect for lounging, making it ideal for family rooms or bedrooms.

Saxony and frieze carpet, both cut pile carpets, are the most soft and cushy. We recommend them for families with young ones who need a soft place to tumble, and also for pets because there are no loops for pet nails to snag on.

Cut and loop pile carpet are less durable and can snag on your pets' feet, so reserve them for spaces that don't see as much traffic, like a private bedroom or study.

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