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Luxury Vinyl Installation

Before Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation - How to Prepare

Luxury vinyl can make for a great DIY project, though to guarantee the highest quality from your installation, A&M recommends hiring a professional installation team.

Either way, before your installation, you'll need to take the following steps to prepare:

  • Clear the floors of large furniture and remove any objects hanging on the walls
  • You may need to remove baseboards and molding - check with your salesperson and installer to be sure
  • Have your subfloor inspected for imperfections that may disrupt your installation
    • You may also need an underlayment, depending on both your subfloor and the product you purchase

During Your Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation - What You Should Expect

Once you've taken the proper preparation steps, you're ready to install! Depending on your product, you may or may not require adhesive. If doing the installation yourself, be sure to carefully consult all instructions in advance to ensure you have the proper materials and tools.

If you opted for a professional installation your crew should come fully prepared. You or another member of your household (age 18 or older) should be home to greet the crew and show them around their designated work area.

After Your Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation - The Finishing Touches

Post-installation, you may experience a mild odor from the flooring. Make sure there is good ventilation throughout the rooms in which the flooring has been installed - you can do this by opening windows and operating fans. Ventilate for at least 2 full days.

Beyond that, it's now up to you to provide proper care & maintenance to keep your floors looking new. Consult our luxury vinyl care & maintenance guide for tips.

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